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I'm so excited to finally share my latest project with all of you! If you're like me, you have seen those cute classroom teacher t-shirts with fun quotes on them. I tried to find cute school librarian t-shirts, but couldn't find anything that I really liked. So I decided to create my own! I recently launched my t-shirt shop and invite you to check out my designs.http://bit.ly/LibrarianTees
I explored a couple of different printing companies and decided to go with this one because their shipping times were a little faster and they have a larger selection of styles and colors to choose from. Suggestion: if you do decide to place an order, the women's premium tees tend to run a little small, so I'd suggest ordering a size up. I would be so grateful if you share this post with friends and co-workers who may be interested!  Wear them proudly and advocate for school libraries and librarians!

Just a quick note to let you know that TPT is having a Cyber Sale November 27-28.  My entire store will be at least 20% off.  Use promo code "CYBER17" to save even more!  The next big sale won't be for a while, so get those deals while you can!  I know I will!

Is it weird that I love Halloween, but don't like dressing up in costume?  I love picking out pumpkins and carving them with my children, decorating our house and watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" every year.  It goes without saying that I love buying (and eating) Halloween candy.  But wearing an elaborate costume has never really appealed to me.  I do participate in our staff group Halloween costumes, but those aren't too crazy.  I hope I'm not the only oddball out there!  ;-)

Even though I don't like dressing up, I love celebrating the season with my students.  I love reading Halloween stories in the library and cheering when they walk by in costume during our school Halloween parade.  They are so excited on party day that I'm also going to use these Halloween Call Number Quilts this year with my second through fifth graders.  Students love to color and these will help keep them focused while reviewing the different sections of the library.  There are six different quilts.  Three of them are editable, so you can change the call numbers to suit the needs of your library.  Check them out here: Halloween Call Number Quilts

Happy Halloween!  To all of you who go all out with your costumes every year, I salute you!
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